Turnkey Vacation Rentals - An Impartial Review

Turnkey is well known for its excellent travel, safety, and well-being services to top travel destinations across the country. Read our review to learn more about it if you plan to book your next rental vacation with Turnkey.

Publish Date: 2020-10-08

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turnkey review

Turnkey Vacation Rentals always maintains its highest standards in providing facilities and customer services. They believe in giving their customers the best satisfaction. Check out our reviews to learn more!

A Quick Overview

John Banczak and T.J. Clark, the two travel and technological veterans, pointed out what was missing in the vacation rental industry. Therefore, to fulfill traveler's needs in 2012, one of the pioneer investors launched Turnkey Vacation Rentals.  

Turnkey was made to satisfy the guest and travelers after long hours in flight. Also, to secure the interest of the homeowners. The best part about turnkey turned out to be that it has its local team to assist its travelers in booking up to the last day of vacation to the top travel destinations across the country. The main idea behind Turnkey is to provide a full-time hotel experience to its guest with full service and management.

Along with marketing platforms for a host. Turnkey Vacation Rental platforms lists approx. about 5,500 homes around the country. Besides, its destination list has 55+ places with adding about 200 properties each month.

It's not just all, Turnkey has even managed to partner with Home & Villas by Marriott International, which means that it can be listed with Marriot Site that allows Marriot Bonvoy members to earn additional points with Turnkey promo code when booking a vocational rental. 

Great Offerings At TurnKey Vacation Rentals

You must be wondering what all products you can find on this turnkey rental. Then let us guide you with all products we came across, our review. 

At, turnkey, you can book luxurious vacation lodges on a budget at around 55 locations across 21 states, including California, Florida, and Texas.

It has everything that you need or wishes to experience. If you want to enjoy the unplug or want to tuck away in the mountains. Either you want to share a city or beach life or a house or a villa. You can easily hunt down on turnkey rental.

Besides, you can even have a good time with its free high-speed internet, a digital concierge, and a starter set of toiletries, and much more. Above all this, you even get a guest support team available 24/7 to attend all your concerns and complaints.

exceptional vacation rentals offerings

What are the destinations at which Turnkey operates?

To help yourself stay safe from getting hand on spam services, you can buy it from the official site www.turnkeyvr.com. Here, at this site, you can purchase trip insurance and book your trip effortlessly.

It operates in more than 80 US destinations. It covers a wide range of best destination places, including the beaches, mountains, urban, desert and leisure areas. Moreover, some of them are just a few hours away from metropolitan areas. 

Its market includes the following top-notch places that are listed below:

1. California 

2. Florida

3. Texas

4. Alabama

5. Arizona

6. Maine

7. Maryland

8. Massachusetts

9. Nevada 

10. New Mexico

11. North Carolina

12. South Carolina

13. Tennessee

14. Utah 

15. Washington 

16. Wyoming

What makes Turnkey standout from other home-sharing platforms?

The only best thing that makes turnkey stand out from the rest is its pre-vetted home feature. It guarantees to provide its customer's tech enable homes. A more consistent and reliable guest and host experience. 

Besides, its smart home technology includes the following products:

1. Time Coded digital locks: It's installed on every turnkey Home. It helps generate a code sent via SMS to guest cleaner and service maintenance providers when needed. This technology helps to maintain social distancing and contactless interactions. 

2. In-home tablets: This helps to keep the guest entertained. 

3. Noise decibel monitors: This device helps monitor excessive decibel levels and informs the guest with a text to avoid damage to the neighbor.  

4. Automated scheduling of housekeeping: It helps to make scheduling of housekeeping paperless and faster. 

Moreover, there is much more high tech stuff. Yet, these are few of the best on the top of all. 

What are the cancellation policies of Turnkey?

cancelation policy at turnkey

The Turnkey cancellation policies operate under the following terms and conditions. If a guest places an advance booking for more than 30 days. He or she has to pay turnkey a 10 percent down payment to reserve the home. Besides, a cancellation with 72 hours after the booking is fully refundable and after the particular time frame expires booking fees is nonrefundable. So before you change your mind and plan to cancel your booking, make sure that you have read its cancellation policy to avoid any errors. 

How is Turnkey's Customer service?

great customer service at turnkey

In case of booking or cancellation, you can refer to its customer services team. Give below are some of the pros and cons that we discovered during our review:  


Email Customer service 

Phone customer service 

FAQ Customer service 

Fastest responding Customer service attendants 

Hassle-free on-call conversation 

24/7 ready to address all questions 

Assist perfectly when help is needed

Warm and accommodating staff 


The helpline is busy at the time or rush hours

Long hold time 

Texting facitiltes are not available 

What's included in Turnkey's cost and price plan?

The turnkey's cost and prices vary accordingly depending on how high or low the demand for that particular season is. Besides, if you plan to have a month-long vacation at your desired location. We figured out that the turnkey would require you to make full-time payment at the time of booking. 

What are the other sites to book Turnkey properties? 

You can easily book turnkey properties on other platforms. It's also a market across more than 50 vacation rental sites. The following are the few from its collection of sites.

1. Expedia

2. Vrbo

3. Airbnb

4. Booking. com

5. Flip Key 

This help travelers to search for properties in their desired location. 

Covid-19 policies At TurnKey

updated policy at turnkey

Turnkey's home is all sanitized by EPA products that are used against Covid-19. Besides, it maintains a whole checklist and is rigorously checked after cleaning up by the cleaning department's head. All the high traffic and high touch areas such as doorknob handles, and light switches are sanitized. 

Besides, its policy allows guests to secure a future stay credit for 100% of the value of any non-refundable payment. Perhaps, this policy got ended on June 1, 2020. A new stand cancellation policy shall start from June 2, 2020. And, credit shall no longer be issued for non-refundable payments. 

Why Turnkey changed its policy? 

As we all know that the situation around Covid-19 is unprecedented. And, turnkey truly empathizes with the ones who are unable to travel at this time. Therefore. Turnkey made its guest understand that they won't lose the value of their reservation. But, since turnkey is a property management company, they even have to balance multiple stakeholders' needs. 

We learned that on the other side of every refund of a non-refundable booking is a homeowner, the person on the other side also experiences hardship. The guest's reservation agreement helps to pay for expenses like mortgage, maintains, and Utility bills. In addition to this, many of the homeowners had even faced multiple potential cancellations in light of the uncertainty created by the Covid-19.   

Furthermore, we reviewed that turnkey recognizes its responsibility to both its guest and homeowners during difficult times. They are highly dedicated in finding the best solution and preforming the right thing for the safety and concern of its guest, homeowners and team members. 

How to book vacation rentals with Turnkey?

To qualify for vacation rental bookings with turnkey requires the following data:

1. First Name

2. Last Name 

3. Email 

4. Where do you want to own a rental ( select location )

5. Phone number 

Fill in the information in blank spaces provided on the official site of Turnkey. It will allow you to get access to the vacation rentals. Besides, if you face any problem, they even have their number mentioned on the corner of the table that you can use and get in contact with the management team to seek guidance. 


Trunkey Vacation Rental is a fantastic site that has made vacation and traveling not only more comfortable but has made it more convenient for everyone. 

It helps you book ahead of your check-in-date and provides you more time to spend with your family and enjoy all the services. Turnkey guarantee's to give you the best deals. This Turnkey review has shown how, even with its downsides, this fantastic platform offers many excellent advantages and features to all its travelers. 

We recommend that you start with the basic plan and move to a more luxurious destination as more features become necessary for you while traveling. If you're a first-time user, then explore the site, book for your destination, and avail other services. You can even follow them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to stay updated with its latest trend and insight. So, hurry book your rental destination with turnkey right away.   

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