Back To School Freebies For Teachers And Students To Get In 2020

The time has come when schools are reopening, and all the kids are excited to go back to their schools. Various retailers, organizations, websites, and other platforms become generous for kids and provide the best discounts and freebies. Here we have gathered a lot of information from where school and college students and teachers can get back to school freebies. So click here to read and explore all the opportunities to grab free stuff for back to school.

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Back To School Freebies For Teachers And Students To Get In 2020

So the summer holidays are about to end, and teachers and students are all eager to hit back to their schools after a long, long gap due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The preparations are at full swing, and people are looking for the best things and supplies for their daily use in schools. The best part of this time is back to school freebies 2020. There are many things you require, and many retailers have ongoing sales and other deals.

We were keen on the best available things and collected the information regarding that. So you can grab the best possible school supplies if you are a student, teacher, or parent.

Below are some useful details about the freebies for all the teachers, students, families.

Back to school freebies for school students

After a long haul vacation, kids need new school supplies that could be heavy on the pocket. So there is a solution to get some extra or on discounts through back to school freebies 2020. Below are some options for back to school freebies for students that they could grab for their school. 

Free facemasks and hand sanitizers

Amazon facemask and hand saitizers

Schools are opening after the COVID-19 pandemic, and the protection comes first. Some regions are reopening schools with proper SOPs for safety.

That is why a lot of hand sanitizers and facemasks are required for students. And it would be best if they come for free. 

Amazon offers 100 Pack Face Mask with an eight O.Z. Freehand sanitizer as a back to school freebies 2020. You can grab that on the lower price with a free antiseptic hand sanitizer.

Free snack box

You can get a box full of free brownies, flapjacks, and nuts in the mail from save the student. You just have to provide your student id and get the delicious link from here

Free backpacks for needy students

back pack full of school supplies

Have you ever think of those who cannot even buy a backpack and basic school stationery and supplies?

Many organizations like Operation Backpack, start2finish, share the warmth, etc. provide a free quality backpack for needy students. The backpack they provide as a back to school freebies 2020 is full of school supplies and grade-specific stationery for the first day. This way, the kids have the essential back to school free supplies they need that made their work easy and let them enter the classroom feeling more like their classmates and confident.

If you know any kid who cannot afford a backpack and school supplies, you can refer them to Operation Backpack.

Grab free storage bins with classic playtime deluxe easel

easel with storage bins

Art and school go hand in hand, so the back to school freebies 2020 must-have this deluxe aisle for your kid. You can get it from Walmart. Also, you can grab two storage bins for free. The storage bins can keep arts and crafts supplies like brush, paint boxes, pencils, notebooks, etc.  

Free lunch box cutlery from Kohl's

Kohls bentgo lunch box

Get the essential back to school freebies 2020 from Kohl's. They offer a bentgo all-in-one stackable lunch box solution, which includes a lunch box with a free fork, knife, and spoon cutlery. 

As the back-to-school season is approaching, students and teachers are eager to return to their educational institutions. During this time, numerous retailers, organizations, websites, and various platforms generously offer a range of benefits, including discounts, freebies, and even an opportunity more easily to pay for research paper This article compiles valuable information for school and college students as well as teachers seeking to take advantage of these back-to-school offers. To learn more and discover how to obtain free items and discounts, please click here.

Printable workbooks

Parents will glad to hear that scholastic offers a freebie in the form of printable and downloadable workbooks, back to school free comics, sketchbooks, and coloring sheets online.

Back to school introduction worksheets for Speech therapy

Students can feel utterly confident while introducing themselves to teachers through filling out these “Get to know you” worksheets. Kids get to share valuable information about themselves, their goals and many things

Free school supplies is offering ample free school supplies. You can follow the instructions to request rulers, pencils, and erasers. You can also win a free a JanSport backpack or T.I. Graphing calculator. Visit their website for details.  

Free K4-kindergarten curriculum

Many states in America are not yet allowing to reopen the schools, so for homeschooling, the kids get a Kindergarten curriculum guide, which will provide you homeschooling encouragement, practical tips, guidance, and study curriculum for kids. 

Free ocean-themed coloring pages for kids

Little kids love coloring, and they are also obsessed with beach and ocean stuff. So here is a super cool freebie for them. They can now color super cute ocean printables with three cute designs:

  • Seahorses with hearts and stars coloring page. 
  • Starfish with bubbles and the words “Be a Star!” coloring page. 
  • Whale swimming in the waves coloring page.

Free math resources

The students from grades K-12 to graduates and post-graduate can enjoy free math resources and have free math tools, including formula calculators, simulation software, tests and quizzes, and more.

Free software for students

The students usually always in search of free software. And at this platform, all can find a bunch of free software offers exclusively for students (participating schools). The software of MS Office, Windows, VMware Fusion, etc. are available.

Writing skills improvement for free 

Now you can improve your writing skills through that checks your document daily to eliminate problems, including style, spelling, and grammar. It detects your writing mistakes and offers helpful suggestions. It's absolutely free for your personal use.

Free Kids adventure reading books.

Kids enjoy reading books that are full of adventure, survival skills, and tough situations. These books can be a nice escape for them. So they can get books from here.  

Hand washing skills game cards

This FREEBIE handwashing game card allows little students to learn and master the skills of hand washing. This freebie has a format of the game and comes with sound effects. Download it from here

Waffle freebies

The National Waffle Day is ahead in August, and teachers and students can get a lot of waffle freebies on the 24th of August. Whether squared or circular, chocolate drizzled or served with a fried chicken, the smell of fresh waffles is unbeatable. So all fellas out there! Kill your hunger pangs with free waffles you can find in your local eateries.

Freebies for college students 

Here are some significant freebies that the teens and college students can grab to enjoy their student life at full swing.

Tech freebies and discounts

apple airpods freebie

There is an immense demand for tablets, laptops, notebooks, and related stuff. So various tech-related companies like Apple back to school freebies 2020. The company offers you to get back to school free AirPods on buying a Mac or iPad for school or college. 

Freebies from Amazon

amazon freebies

Amazon is best when it comes to back to school freebies 2020. They offer following freebies

The college students can get Amazon Prime’s subscription-free for six months. 

The students will get free two-day shipping on any item they want to buy from amazon (over 100 million products). 

Also, e-textbooks are free.

Amazon also offers unlimited storage for photos with their Prime Photos service.

What else you need?

Alison free online courses

If students are looking for online free courses, Alison is the platform that offers free learning, education, and skills training with over 1,500 courses. They update new courses on a weekly bases as well. Course categories include language, technology, science, business, health, math, marketing, etc. with free digital certificates.

Online college textbooks for free

College textbooks are very expensive, and one can get for free from They have textbooks that are openly licensed available free online. These textbooks are referred to in almost every U.S. colleges and universities. You can find science, math, social studies, geography, business, and more.

Software freebies from Microsoft

MS office 365

Microsoft also offers a great deal not only for students but also for teachers. Teachers and students from eligible institutions or qualified with a valid institution email address can absolutely free Office 365 Education software. Office 365 software can be an effective back to school freebies 2020 that include M.S. Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS OneNote, and Microsoft Teams.  

Back to school freebies for teachers

Teachers need school supplies and related stuff as much as any student need. The school supplies can become a headache if they get out of the teacher’s budget. That is why we have also collected the back to school free stuff for teachers they can grab to have a sigh of relief and use them to ease their teaching process.

The free alphabet activity packet

alphabat activity workbook for kids

If you are a kindergarten teacher, you will always be in need of creative book sets and related stuff to teach children in a fun way. Though they are expensive, and we observe that teachers are in search of kindergarten freebies. So get the one from


Back to school teacher’s checklist

Back to school has always been a hectic time in the classroom for teachers. So they can grab this amazing back to school teacher’s checklist from

Free printable binder covers

A teacher’s files and documents are not safe at all without binders. 

And if you love binders, you will be happy to find the following free printable binder covers. You can color and doodle to make your binder cover cute looking in minutes.

Teachers schedule cards

We include teacher's schedule cards in our list of back to school freebies 2020. They are fun, creative, and help the honorable teachers provide a great visual for keeping track of their day. It makes the teacher organized and efficient.

Free digital library and audio books

Teachers hardly get time to visit the store and buy their favorite books. Even fetching books from the library is a time taking process. So why not grab the free stuff for teachers to read?

Overdrive is a platform that enables the teachers to borrow and read e-books, magazines, audiobooks, etc. from their local library or school through their phone or tablet. 

$5 freebies from Swagbucks

Swagbucks is the only online rewards site that honors the teachers by providing them gift cards. Educators and teachers will get a $5 bonus on their signup. And that bonus can be redeemed at Amazon, Walmart, Target, and many other retailers.

Free lesson plans from

Get free lesson plans from to add creativity to any of your subject teachings. These lessons are created by keeping in mind all ages and skill levels of students. These lesson plans meet all the standards of national education.

Amazing classroom essentials packet freebie

The packet has over 225 display pieces of pages that can be utilized in the classroom for décor or education. You will find Alphabet display pieces, storage, bulletin board display cards, etc.

Free math facts, activities and songs 

match activities and songs

Teachers should have ample storage of Math activities, facts, and related stuff to provide some creative edge to their education style. Also, the songs should be on their fingertips so that they can teach the students. Get them all for free from here. You can get

Fifteen songs, 12 coloring pages, and eight math activity sheets on this site. All of these are about math and will help students in their math fluency. 

Free professional development resources from

Through the professional development resource course, is empowering educators to use teaching methods that are art-inspired. It will help teachers to teach literacy, Math, STEAM, and other core curriculum subjects. Grab that now. 

Maple soft posters & desktop wallpaper

You will get free Math & engineering posters and wallpapers, back to school free images and desktop wallpapers from to decorate your office, classroom, study room, and library.

Pencils, posters and bookmarks kit from Bucky’s classroom

teachers school supplies freebies

The University of Wisconsin offering free ample free school supplies to teachers as the classroom kit. These may include U.W. posters, pencils, back to school free clipart, bookmarks, stickers, sticky notes, schedulers, planners, etc.

Right now, they are not accepting mail requests due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But they are planning to offer you with digital package very soon.

Food freebies for teachers

Following are the best freebies from restaurants that teachers can grab

Costco: They are providing a $30 worth meal on signing up for a new membership online.

McDonald’s: Selected branches are offering free value meals to teachers.

Texas de Brazil: you can grab the 20 % cashback on any regular priced lunch, salad or dinner.

Applebee’s: Applebee’s: with a teacher's I.D., one can get a meal for free at Applebee's participating locations.

Überrito: this amazing eatery provides a free burrito, salad, or bowl on Teacher Appreciation Day in participating locations.

Bruegger’s bagels: all the teachers can get 20% cashback all week.

Free Hand sanitizer

free hand sanitizer for teachers

That is the reason a freebie of hand sanitizer is what a teacher should be looking for.

You can prevent and improve the school's health through a hand sanitizer and its dispenser. Just click here to register, and they will provide you what you want

Playdough gift tags

We are sure that the students are excited and nervous equally to be back in school, meet the new teacher, and sit in a new classroom.  To help ease their anxiety, play dough with gift tags can be best back to school freebies 2020.

Dry erase boards from everwhite

Ok, the teachers and whiteboards are two things that complete the classroom. And if you want an awesome back to school freebies 2020, dry erase whiteboard from is the best choice. You can get by filling out an online form. They will send a whiteboard samples starter pack that you can enjoy writing on.

School mate sample

You can fill out the form on school mate and get the planner, folder, or wall calendar sample from

NASA and space-related posters

Your students will definitely get excited to see NASA and various space-related posters and pictures and play cards you can download from here.

School supply shopping spree will surprise you for their back to school freebies you can win on their website. They are giving away $1,000 Amazon gift card to the winner and ten $100 Amazon gift cards to runner ups. 

Wonder workshop classroom robot kits

Through the platform of, Wonder Workshop is calling out all STEM-lovers by providing two K-5 classroom robotics kit packs.

Free toolkit from the National Autism Association

National Autism Association provides school administrators, teachers, or aides who are involved in educating individuals with autism. This safety toolkit for teachers is a 'free-of-charge full of wandering-prevention tools.

More back to school freebies 2020

Here are some more freebies to note

Tax-free back to school freebies

Every year, the USA's different states announce Sales Tax Holiday on particular goods, especially on Back-to-School supplies. You just have to search the internet about the things you can get almost for free due to tax exemption. 

For instance, you can buy clothing, certain accessories, footwear, wallets, bags, backpacks, school uniforms, certain school supplies, pens, erasers, pencils, notebooks, crayons, notebook, lunch boxes, markers, folders, composition books, poster board, poster paper, scissors, glue, cellophane tape, rulers, paste, computer disks, and calculators and what so not.

Fastweb free scholarship resource

Scholarships are great to help you pay for school. Fastweb is the popular scholarship search platform that you can use for free to find a suitable scholarship and information on financial aid, internships, jobs, etc. Anyone who is at least 13 years, whether students, from first-year high school students to adults, can become a Fastweb member for free.

Charitable organizations

There are a lot and a lot of charitable organizations that provides free school supplies to needy students. They support the noble cause to promote confidence, education, and a culture of kindness in students.

There are many, including The Key for School Leaders, Donors Choose, Ruby Olive, Operation Backpack, Teach for America, First Book, etc.


There are a lot of big companies giving back to school freebies in 2020 in significant ways.


Verizon has an Innovative Learning school program in which they provide tablets to schools and students with data plans. Also, through their Mobile Learning Academy, they offer free learning programs for students and teachers


The Walt Disney Company makes many book donations and donates million to nonprofit organizations helping kids, families, and communities through different scholarships, cash awards, grants, and more donation channels.

Final notes

In general perception, 2020 is not a good year financially, socially, and emotionally. Whether you are a teacher, or student, or a parent, you must have faced challenges regarding daily living. Due to the closing of educational institutes, the back to school freebies 2020 scenario is quite off. But you can still grab a lot of things as we have mentioned in this piece of writing and be grateful for what you have. Happy new educational year! 

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