October Shopping Guide 2020: Things To Buy Or Skip This Month

If you are thinking to shop for the seasonal essentials or holidays ahead, stop and read this October shopping guide 2020 before spending money to know what should be in your bucket list to buy or what you should skip.

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October Shopping Guide 2020: Things To Buy Or Skip This Month

Ah, magical October is ahead.

COVID-19 is still here. The kids are finally getting used to online classes routines, fall is making everyone get nostalgic, and weekends will be now devoted to leaf peeping and picking the apples. October is a month of official kick start of the holiday shopping season. And people are eagerly waiting for the October shopping guide 2020 to know what`s in and out.

From Columbus Day to Halloween and from thanksgiving to Christmas, people want to prepare for holiday shopping sprees in October. You may refrain from shopping in October because of the Black Friday sales event in November ahead. But this year, retailers will be bombarding you with early holiday deals and sales in October to control inventory mismanagement and crowd in malls. And in this shopping guide for October, we will highlight all of them.

Also, in this spookiest season, Amazon will announce its long-awaited Amazon Prime Day that has been delayed due to the pandemic situation at worst. Again thanks to the Columbus Day sales and Halloween, October comes with a significant price drops on essentials one may need.

If you are excited, now take a break from your busy schedules and read this October shopping guide 2020 to know what things are suitable to buy in October and what you should skip.

What to buy in October 2020

1. Grills and barbeques

Grills and barbeques

Grills and barbeques have been in demand in the summer season (from June to September), and now when the barbeque season has officially ended, it is the best time to grab a grill first for next year. It`s an offseason, and you will see retailers putting various grills on sales for customer`s October shopping, and you will find a great deal this month.


2. Halloween decoration and costumes

halloween decoration and costumes

Halloween will conclude the month of October, and even in these pandemic days, you cannot miss the celebrations of this spooky holiday in any way. We know the budget and wallets are tight this year, but your decoration and costume shopping can still cheap. You can find Halloween sales and deals online on various websites.

This year there will be very few deals for Halloween costumes and décor on 1st November. Because retailers are planning to announce the deals early, many retailers will knock up to 80% off on décor and costumes for Halloween to get rid of stock and prepare for thanksgiving ahead.

If you want a budget-friendly and easy on the pocket Halloween décor and costumes, use Tide Buy coupons and promo codes. There is a high chance that you will grab an amazing deal from their website. 

3. A new car

A new car

Traditionally, October has been and is still a great month to shop for a new car. If you plan to change a car, run to the dealerships as they want to clean out their old models` inventory in October sales to make room for new 2021 car models. And due to a downfall auto industry faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, you will likely get a great deal on 2020 models.

Research well and treat yourself with all new vehicles this fall season. But be sure not to break a bank to save some for various Holiday shopping deals.

(Tip: Try to purchase at the month-end so you can get a good bargain. Choose Monday so that dealers may be free, and you will get time to negotiate. Go for online platforms that offer used cars. You will get a good bargain there.)

4. Tools, gear, and décor for fireplace

a classic fireplace with tools

Fall is in the air, and winters will be at full swing in November and upcoming months. So its time to focus on your fireplace. Look for a new grate, poker, tools, or even hearth décor. Many retailers like Walmart, offering them at discounted rates and special buy offers.

Do not wait for winter months as retailers will be in the driver`s seat by that time, and you`ll end up regretting paying full prices. So in this October shopping guide 2020, we will recommend you buy them immediately as it is the last month to find a great deal on them until next spring.

5. Plants

beautiful indoor plants

You may be surprised to see this option in October shopping guide 2020, but it is a great option. Many people spent their early days of pandemic and quarantine cultivating a kitchen and home garden. And you might have too. So the fall comes with a variety of sales on certain plants. 

You can head to your local plant nursery or garden center to check out their end-of-season deals and sales on plants. They are likely to give you a huge concession on perennials. There are a lot of fairly low-maintenance plants that don`t need to be replanted every season. 

Also, you may get a deal on spring flowers like daffodils and tulips. Just plant right now, and they`ll bloom in spring when winter is over.

6. Garden mowers and supplies

garden supplies and lawn mowers

Speaking of plants, the October shopping guide 2020 also includes garden mowers and supplies as a must buy. They are available at discounts due to the reduction in demand. Fall is not suitable for gardening activities, so retailers will clear their stocks for the next year`s spring.

7. Digital cameras and accessories

digital camera and its accessories

The pandemic also affected the sales of cameras this year, and retailers are still trying to clearing up the stock. If you want a cheap digital camera and are not bothered by some old models, we will include digital cameras in this October shopping guide 2020. Many new models are waiting to get released in November and December, so the clearance sale on old models of digital cameras is at its peak.

8. Footwear (Shoes and sneakers, slippers, sliders)


If you are done with your old pair of shoes and want a little upgrade. Or if someone in your friend`s circle on your holiday list needs a pair, October is the time to grab the best deals. In this October shopping guide 2020 we will list the coupons for the retailers like Adidas, Macy`s, etc. below. They have fall deals on footwear for up to 50 % off average.

9. Jeans and denim apparel

jeans and denim apparel

October is the official month top buy a pair of jeans and denim jackets. As this month is a bridge between summer and the upcoming winters. So expect a great deal on denim pants to stripe up for an outstanding style.

You can use pennysaviour.com to get discounts on clothing brands. Grayers coupons and discount code will help you snag the best deals on premium denim apparel. Also on Target.com, you will find fantastic deal of buy on get one on women denim. 

10. Outdoor and patio furniture

outdoor furniture

October is the time to get indoor and say goodbye to the evening backyard sittings. That is why retailers wrap up their patio furniture stock through commendable sales. October is a goldmine for deals and sales on outdoor patio furniture. 

Various home improvement stores, like Aosom, are making room for new designs for holiday and the upcoming winter season. So if you`ve not bought any new patio set in the last months of summer, buy them this month.

(Aosom has ongoing sales for up to 65% off on all the furniture products)

11. Candies

candies for trick-or-treat

As we have discussed before, October is concluded with Halloween, and as the month gets closer to the occasions, retailers announce various sales in October 2020 on candies. So your chances to snag a bag of candy at discounted rates are higher. 

Not only can you play trick-or-treat better but also enjoy the sweetness of discounts. From chocolates to toffees and from lollipops to candies, enjoy the delicious flavors on the spooky festivals.

12. In-Season vegetables and fruits

seasonal fruits and vegetable

October witness a huge variety of fruits and vegetables as there is a start of the new season. You can enjoy all healthy treats from nature that aren`t just good for your health and wellbeing, but also your budget. 

From apples to cranberries and from grapes to pomegranates, the delicious fruits are worth buying. Pumpkins are stapled for the season, and you can also expect broccoli and butternut squash to be available readily in stores at discounted rates.

Some popular seasonal produce is:

Apples, cranberries, oranges, lemons, pears, pomegranates, grapes, honeydew melon, artichokes, beetroots, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, parsnip, spinach, potatoes, cabbage, kale, leeks, lettuce, squash, sweet potatoes, and yams.

13. Pizza & Tacos


If you are a pizza and taco lover, then be prepared to get the best treat of the year. October is an official National Pizza Month. Also, the month observes the National Taco Day on 4th October.

So keep an eye on the deals for free or discounted tacos from restaurants and eateries that day. Also, watch out for pizza deals and freebies as many restaurants will definitely offer the best deals to lure you hunger pangs.


(Tip: follow the social media handles and pages of the restaurants and food joints as most deals of these foods are announced through it.)

What not to buy or skip in October


TV or LCDs

Wait for Black Friday sales in November to hit the ground as it will be best to score the best prices of the year.

Large and small appliances: You can expect to see the best deals on Home Depot appliances and Lowe`s during Black Friday sales. Don`t rush for reduced prices of Ac`s and fridges as they will get lower even more.


iPhone models

As apple is going to launch iPhone 12 at the end of October or starting of November, don`t expect a substantial discount on the iPhone 11. Just shop for them around Black Friday.

Winter Clothing:

winter clothes

Currently, fresh winter arrivals are in stores, and they are available at full price. So this October shopping guide 2020 suggests you hold on the urge to buy that beautiful winter coat and snag the best deal during Black Friday or postseason sales. You can get the deals in the form of a sitewide coupon, and discount codes offer on websites like pennysavoiur.com.

Electronics and Laptops:

laptops and general electronicssmall and large appliances

Cyber Monday and Black Friday are best when it comes to purchasing laptops and small/large appliances. There will be greater deals in November (expect lowest prices possible), so do not fall in the trap of attractive laptop deals on any website.

Best deals and sales to look forward in October 2020

Although it is evident that fall and Halloween sales and deals must occur in October, retailers this year have announced a lot more sales and discounts for holiday day shopping earlier in October. So we will list some of the deals and sales in our October shopping guide 2020 so that you can get benefited.

Amazon Prime Day Sales

We were all disappointed that Amazon officially postponed Prime Day 2020 in July. And still, we are not confirmed about its dates yet. But so many industry experts are expecting it to happen on 13th October.

Although we are unsure when Amazon will announce Prime Day sales, we will advise you to be prepared just in case it happens. So if you have an eye on any new Amazon device, Prime Day will be perfect for finding a great deal for it. 

And if Prime Day does not happen in October, it will be a win-win for you as Black Friday is there for you anyway. 

Fall seasonal sales

fall season sales

There have been many back to back sales in summer months like Independence Day sales, Labor Day sales, summer clearance sales, back to school sales, etc.  Many retailers may have probably cleaned out their inventories on these sales events, but that doesn`t mean that there are no fall deals in October.

Watch out the sales events like fall or autumn sales disguised as different names. For instance, Proozy offered up to 90% off as a warehouse sale.

Expect the retailers like Gap and the old navy to offer incredible fall sales.

10:10 holiday sale event

10:10 shopping and sales event

Speculations are in the air that retailers in the USA are planning to announce the holiday sales event on 10th October, i.e., 10.10.20. They are mirroring the Chinese sales event of 11.11 to shed the load of holiday shopping ahead.

Early holiday shopping deals and sales

early holiday shopping deals

You may witness various early holiday shopping deals and sales event in October. Retailers like Home Depot have announced to kick start the holiday shopping deals and sales a bit early this year, and it seems that they will launch their Black Friday sales soon after Halloween. Although it may not fall in October, we cannot say anything; after all, anything can happen. It is 2020.

Some more best deals and coupons you can grab


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3D Laser Gift

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As we are stepping into October with the fall season, all you will see will shopping racks full of Halloween stuff and fall items on sales with festive discounts. As temperatures are chilling down, the sale values will heat up. So follow this October Shopping guide 2020 to know what the best buys are and what is not.