9 Tips & Tricks for Grocery Shopping Online during Covid-19 Pandemic

In the wave of coronavirus, many things knot us to significant concern in our daily lives. Be it the grocery shopping or in reference to our safety, everything requires an apt protocol. Following this, the blog contains the most prodigious and well researched 9 Tips & Tricks for Grocery Shopping Online during Covid-19 Pandemic. So do delve into these tips for grocery shopping during Covid-19 and stay safe!

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9 Tips & Tricks for Grocery Shopping Online during Covid-19 Pandemic

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Initially, in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the online grocery stores in the US were flooded with high demand. At that point in time, people were unaware of the tips for grocery shopping during Covid-19, and things got pretty chaotic. The stores were also not prepared to respond to this wave in a systematic manner. Therefore, issues such as panic among people, empty shelves, and stocking up of unnecessary items were seen to be practiced. Moreover, the most negative aspect that people faced while getting groceries during coronavirus pandemic was the increasing numbers of cases of Covid-19.

On the grounds of increasing awareness, many people have managed to wrap their heads around specific measures. Moreover, everyone is also practicing the most convenient and inhibitory ways of conducting their shopping. Consequently, the practice of online grocery shopping hacks during a pandemic is now being adopted by almost everyone and they are looking out for the most useful and practical tips for grocery shopping during Covid-19. Plus, this practice must be adopted to prevent oneself from avoidable exposure to the Covid-19.

So here are a few tricks and tips for grocery shopping online during Covid-19 that can help you in practicing social distancing and shun large and small gatherings in the grocery stores.

 1. Explore Different Grocery Stores

explore different grocery stores

There are a handful of online grocery shopping services that are working in this crisis just to offer you the facilities to make your life easier. These major grocery stores are practicing all the COVID-19 Pandemic Standard Operating Procedures to make sure that the safety is prioritized. Hence one of the important tips for grocery shopping during Covid-19 is that you must switch back to online grocery shopping, prevent you and your loved one by following the strict guidelines.

When you decide to switch to the online grocery buying, there are few tips for grocery shopping during Covid-19. First of all, you must explore the different grocery stores near you and pick out the best grocery delivery services. You will come across many key players that will steal your attention with their fantastic services and offers. This also depends on the fact that where you are located. Here are some significant platforms from where you can expect ordering grocery during a pandemic.


Walmart Grocery

This is one of the highly used online best grocery delivery services in the US. There are varieties of options available for you where you can reserve a timeslot to visit the store for the pickup, or you can avail their Walmart Free Shipping Coupons. You can also follow a Walmart shopping tutorial and guide to get some insights on your grocery tips. These types of benefits bring a supreme difference in your financial condition. As discount offer can allow you to save more and spend less.

Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh

When it comes to Amazon, they already have a loyal customer base. People always look out for their different services and inspect tips of Amazon fresh groceries or hacks for Amazon Prime and even search for benefits available in their online shopping. Everyone wants to absorb the best deals and discounts that they have to offer.

So with Amazon fresh, you can rely on the superior offers during this pandemic and explore these tips for grocery shopping during Covid-19. And don’t hold back and try using these fantastic offers from such prominent outlets and get high quality grocery deliveries.

Fresh Direct

Fresh Direct

This brand is also considered to be the best one when it comes to availing free grocery deliveries through amazing discounts in the current pandemic of Covid-19. As their primary goal is to provide you with the best grocery offers in town and you can quickly relay on their quality products.



This is also a pretty decent grocery store that offers grocery deliveries at an incredibly reasonable price. So the other tips for grocery shopping during Covid-19 is that you can shop straight from their app and also get same-day delivery. Eventually, you should not shy away from implementing all the best ways to safely order groceries online.



Whether you are looking for a fantastic, hygienic and healthy meal subscription or you want to get some of your groceries being delivered. They have everything at your disposal at this time of the year. Moreover, they have also made the procedure much more comfortable just by providing such amazing Hungryroot deals and discounts.



They have a wide range of grocery items that can interest you. Plus the best part about their online grocery store is that they offer some fantastic sorts of Peapod Coupons that you can avail no matter whatever you are buying. From organic food to foods cooked meals and local grocery specialties, they have it all covered very nicely. They provide a smooth grocery delivery option for both home and businesses and follow all the necessary safety measures.



They offer some large amounts of stock up supplies, daily necessity products with their amazing services. If these grocery stores are near you or deliver to your area, then you must try getting groceries during coronavirus pandemic from here. You can also avail their outstanding deals and discounts and experience the feasibility and sense of security as you can go through their Covid-19 Response and get all the vital information.

 2. Make a “What to Buy” List

make a what to buy list

Even if you are shopping for the grocery online, you must have a clear picture in your head that what are the things that you want to buy. Plus, due to the high demand, the items in the grocery might vanish rapidly and making a list for grocery shopping will help you in making a fast decision. Consider this among one of the pre-shopping tips for grocery shopping during Covid-19.

 3. Keep Looking and Refresh the Page

keep looking and refresh the page

Although all the major online stores are working tirelessly to bring you the most efficient service and be readily available for you. However, owing to the escalating demand for online grocery shopping and pickups, they have gotten a little overwhelmed. You are going to have to refresh the page multiple times after a while just to make sure that the items that you want to buy are available or not.

It might seem a bit frustrating, but once you get the item, I can assure you it will be worth your time. So hold on to these tips for grocery shopping during Covid-19 and keep refreshing the windows.

 4. Try Ordering After 12 O'clock At Night

try ordering after 12 oclock at night

I can understand that grocery shopping online can be a bit challenging at times.

But as Tony Robbins said,

'There's always a way - if you're committed.'
So stay committed to your shopping method and routine because this is one of the best tips for grocery shopping during Covid-19. And in case you are a night owl, then this is a win-win situation for you.

Typically, the batch of new items is updated on the website at midnight. Plus there is less traffic because a lot of people consider doing grocery shopping in the day time. So avail this opportunity and search for the items that you were unable to find before. And additional time slots for delivery start opening up after midnight. Moreover, as there will be fewer people on the website at this point so even the navigation will be smooth and you can easily shop for your goods without any interruptions.

 5. Directly Order Produce Boxes

directly order produce boxes

If you are still facing issues and interruptions in ordering your grocery then try one of the fantastic tips for grocery shopping during Covid-19. Rather than ordering everything from a single place, you must try ordering the produce from somewhere else. Possibly from a particular produce delivery service such as Fresh Direct.

Furthermore, if you are still concerned about the time of the delivery, you can also connect with the intermediary task conducting and delivery services which can easily bring you the items to your home as per your desire. For these kinds of activities, you can reach out to the platforms like Task Rabbit. They are one of the best delivery service provider and it the times of Covid-19 they have notched up their services and are also providing a variety of discount offers and coupon codes.

 6. Try a Virtual Payment System

try a virtual payment system

One of the other tips for grocery shopping during Covid-19 includes a very safe mode of payment. Considering when your product is delivered to your doorstep, that is the time you must take all the possible precautionary measures to secure yourself. Therefore, to minimize any sort of risk and human contact, you must choose a virtual payment system. So we can all agree that an electronic tip can be more beneficial these in times rather than handling of cash and we can never thank the technology enough.

 7. Put-On All the Safety Gears

put on all the safety gears

At the time when the grocery arrives at your doorstep, it is highly suggested that you wear all the possible safety gears, including gloves and masks. This is one of the most radical and immensely important tips for grocery shopping during Covid-19. Moreover, you must avoid having any human interaction at that particular time and to do so ask the delivery man to keep your order at the porch and leave.

In case you have not made the payment electronically and have to pay the cash to the delivery man, then you are suggested to put the money on the tray and ask him to pick it up. However, if this doesn't seem feasible to you and you give the money to the transporter then wash your hands right away without touching your face.

Although rubber or disposable gloves are not much of a help as if you touch any bag or surface that contains the virus, then that virus is transmitted to the gloves.  Moreover, in this case, a mask is a great option; even clean DIY cloth masks are pretty beneficial.

Information regarding the mask that is provided by the World Health Organization highlights,

'There is currently no evidence that wearing a mask (whether medical or other type) by healthy persons in the wider community setting, including universal community masking, can prevent them from infection with respiratory viruses, including   COVID-19.'

 8. Kindly, Tip Your Shopper!

kindly tip your shopper

In these hard times when keeping the jobs is getting tough, and the deployment rate is increasing, you must show a little generosity towards the delivery man. This one might not look like one of the tips for grocery shopping during Covid-19, but it will surely make you feel good and will benefit a make a person's day. Many contract workers and delivery boys majorly rely on the tips so if you get a chance kindly tip them a kind amount. As they are still working in these times and as a consequence of the higher demand, their hard work is one to be appreciated.

 9. Remember to Rinse and Clean Your Grocery

use sanitizing wipes on your order

The basic precautions are necessary, but when it comes to picking up the delivered grocery, you must think some steps ahead. As little tips for grocery shopping during Covid-19 are not enough, you must be ready and armoured with your safety kit, especially in these times.

It is highly recommended that when you are bringing the grocery inside your house, there must be a cleaning station in which you put those items, rinse the produce food and sanitize the other stuff with disinfecting wipes. These products may include packaged and tin foods. Moreover, you must keep these items out for a while as according to a publication in The New England Journal of Medicine, a study from National Institutes of Health, CDC, and UCLA and Princeton University scientists the virus stays for,

“Up to four hours on copper, up to 24 hours on cardboard and up to two to three days on plastic and stainless steel”

To Wrap Up

to wrap up covid 19

All of us are in the position of instability.

Buts let’s not lose hope!

When you start ordering your groceries online, you will feel more secure, and I assure you that this practice will make you understand the benefits of social distancing even more in this time of the pandemic. On the one hand, where the social distancing and taking care of your health is essential on the other, it is also crucial that you follow all the obligatory tips for grocery shopping during Covid-19.

In this evolving fluctuations and disorientation, all of us must play our part to make things better and to do so; we must start it from ourselves. Hence, even if you are conducting a routine practice of like grocery shopping think ahead and use every possible way to practice it smartly, making sure of the safety of you and your loved once it essential in these times.

So next time, when you think of how to make a grocery shopping list in Covid-19 and conduct shopping, follow all the steps as mentioned above and you can feel much secure and safe.

Stay Home and Stay Safe!

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