51 Baby Freebies for New and Expecting Moms

If you are in a search for any baby freebies, then you are in the right place! Here you will find unlimited options with more than fifty options available to get free baby stuff. Stop wandering around and pamper yourself and your baby by exploring these Baby Freebies for New and Expecting Moms. Enjoy your time and make your shopping worth it.

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51 Baby Freebies for New and Expecting Moms

Are you expecting a baby? Or are you just blessed with one? Either way, baby freebies can never be ignored. Especially with all the chaos and several things to manage when you finally get a chance to take something for free, it gives you a calm feeling. We want you to never miss a bet on any of the free baby stuff available right now and utilize the most smart ways to save money.

Therefore, we decided to do the hard work ourselves, select all the best baby freebies, and for once, things get a little easier for all the new mothers out there. Moreover, we will also pick up some of the outstanding baby freebies for expecting moms so that everyone can get the utmost benefits this time.

So let’s not make you wait anymore and get right to the free baby stuff.

Baby Freebies for New Moms

baby freebies for new moms

  1. Free Amazon Baby Box

Starting with one of the biggest online retailers, here, getting a free baby box is not a problem. You can become a part of the Amazon Family members and get Free Amazon Baby Box by creating a baby registry. 

But if you are not an Amazon member, that is not a problem because then you can avail of their 30 days free trial in which you can obtain this offer.

  2. Free Baby Gift Box from Grove

With Grove, you can get baby freebies in a box. You can claim this Grove Baby Gift Box now because all their products are eco-friendly, and it includes bubble bath products, Hand Sanitizing Wipes, Baby Oil, and Free Glass Spray Bottle and so on.

  3. Free Diaper Box from Dyper

When it comes to baby freebies samples, it is all great, but we all know that the diapers' most expensive things. And for that, Dyper is here with their free diaper samples. You can avail of their eco-friendly and incredibly soft bamboo diapers of your choice's size without even paying a penny.

  4. Free Baby Formula from Enfamil

If you are looking for some unique ways to gain baby freebies, then make sure that you explore the Enfamil baby formula sample that they are providing for free. The brand always comes with various offers, and currently, their free samples are one to look for.

  5. Free Target Baby Boxes

Did you know? Creating a Target Baby registry allows you to unlock the Free Target Baby Box. When you sign in and add even a single product in your registry, Target will drop an email by allowing you to avail of the free Target Baby Box. Know that this is one of the most ideal way to save money at Target.

  6. Free Walmart Baby Welcome Box

Walmart has also provided its customers to avail the chance of getting a free baby welcome box. You can create a Walmart registry for your baby, then copy that link and paste it to the walmart.cesampling.com. Once you are done, you can enter the credentials, and you are good to go!

  7. Free Baby Box from Baby Box University

If you are in a search for a unique offer, then this should be your pick. This box itself can be used as a crib. It contains a foam mattress, fitted sheet, and other fantastic baby products. You just have to register yourself to Baby Box University, and you can easily avail of these outstanding baby freebies.

  8. Free Hello Baby Box

BabyList provides this baby box, and it contains a lot of baby samples. You can become eligible for the Free Hello Baby Box by creating a free registry at BabyList. It is a universal registry, which means that you can get all the things you want.

  9. Free Trail Box by Eco by Naty

This outstanding company understands that new parenting can be tough and expensive at the same time. That is why they offer a free trial box of diapers for the first time you approach them. Now isn't that amazing!

  10. Gerber Baby Bath Time Gift Set

You just have to sign up, and you can easily access all the freebies that you are looking for. They have some exclusive products that they provide to new moms and dads. So avail the offer and register yourself now.

  11. BuyBuy Baby Goodie Bag

The company offers parents an opportunity to gain an advantage through registering on their baby registry. You can avail of the free BuyBuy Baby Goodie Bags after you register yourself, and you will be able to enjoy all the high quality and variety of baby products. 

  12. Free Samples of Huggies Diapers

Huggies are offering free diapers against the points earned by the shopping for baby wipes and baby diapers. Moreover, the best part about them is that you can also request them a free sample of Huggies Diapers when the first time you buy from there.

  13. Free Diapers & Wipes Bundle by The Honest Company

Do you know? The Honest Company has always come up with some outstanding freebies and other offers. But this time, you can get free diapers and a package of 10 wipes and enjoy your time with your newborn.

  14. Free Carseat Canopy

Get your Free Carseat Canopy now and just have to pay for the shipping and handling. This is not it; you can also get $50 off on your next purchases above $49.


  15. Free Breast Pump

You were wondering when your insurance can work for your benefit? Well, this is the time! You can get a free breast pump just by showing your insurance details to Aeroflow, and you are done.

  16. Free Baby Sling by Seven Slings

Now you don’t have to worry about carrying your baby because they are offering Free Baby Sling. You just have to visit the official site of SevenSling, and a pop up will appear. Copy the below-mentioned code, and you will get your free sling right away.

Use promo code: FREEBIES4BABY

  17. Free Nursing Pillow

You can now pick up a Free Nursing Pillow by using the code mentioned below. You just have to pay the shipping charges; otherwise, the complete product is absolutely free.


  18. Free Nursing Cover

Visit Udder Covers and shop for your favorite Nursing Cover. We have mentioned a code that will allow you to get that nursing cover for free. Moreover, you just have to pay the shipping and handling fees.

  19. Free Pairs of Baby Leggings

Such baby freebies for moms are one to look out for because here you are getting free pairs of baby leggings using the code on the pop up that comes at the official website of baby leggings.

Use promo code: FREEBIES4BABY

  20. Free Custom Pacifiers

Do you want to explore more baby freebies? Well, then let's start with custom pacifier because who doesn’t want that for their babies. You can use this code and get five free pacifiers, and you just have to pay for shipping.


  21. Free Nursing Pads

You can go to BreastPads.com and use the given code to avail the free baby samples of breast pads. You just have to pay for the shipping charges and can paste this code on the popup that comes on the website.

Use code: SHOPHER1

  22. Free Postpartum Recovery Garments

You can seize this fantastic opportunity to avail the most outstanding Postpartum Recovery Garments for absolutely no cost. You just have to verify your insurance details, and here you are all eligible to get these post-pregnancy freebies. You can avail of this chance on some big brands, including Aeroflow and Pumps for Mom.

  23. Free Carseat Canopy

Now you can get more baby freebies in free Carseat Canopy to give your newly born more comfort and relaxation. You just have to copy the code and get your selective car seat canopy jut by paying for the shipping charges.

Use code: COVER4BABY

  24. Free Baby Bibs

Scoring the most adorable baby freebies is now the most comfortable thing. As BabyLeggings.com is providing Free Baby Bandana Bibs. You can avail of these in 15 different prints, and by using the code, you will only have to pay for the shipping and handling charges.

Use code: BIBS14

  25. Free Baby Shoes

Baby shoes are the cutest and the most precious acquisition. And now, you can get it for free by using the given code. You just have to pay for the shipping and those tinny little shoes are yours.

Use code: SHOES424

  26. Free Baby Board Books

Now you can obtain free books for your toddler and babies. The Dolly Parton's Imagination Library program allows you to buy books from born babies till they are five years old in the U.S. You just have to enter the zip code to see that you are eligible or not.

  27. Free Baby Onesies

You can get two free baby onesies of your favorite choice by applying the code on the official website of Custom Snappies. There are a variety of cute designs available, and all of them are eligible as baby freebies. However, you will have to pay for the shipping charges.


  28. Free Diaper Covers

Free Diapers are amazing, but you know what is impressive than that? Free Diaper Covers! Yes, you can now get a variety of cute designs in diaper covers from Ruffle Buns by using the code mentioned below.

Use promo code: FREEBIES4BABY

  29. Free Hooded Towel

Kids look the most adorable when they are wearing those cute little hooded towels. And now you can get them for absolutely free of cost and make bathing more fun! You just have to pay the shipping cost and get the infant size towels free using this code.

Use code: TOWEL424

  30. Free Baby Hats

Eskimo kids are offering a chance for you to get some stylish baby hats. These hats are free of cost, and you don’t have to pay a single penny on them except for the shipping charges. You just have to use this code while shopping, and you are good to go. 


  31. Free Nursing Bracelets

You can now get 5 Free Nursing Bracelets from Milk Bands. This band helps the moms to quickly detect which breast she last used to feed the baby. So get it for free and spend a convenient time with your newborn. You can avail of this offer from Milk Brand just by using the code and pay a small amount for the shipping fee. 

  32. Free Gerber Diaper Bag

Gerber offers the most exciting offer of all time. If you want to get a free Gerber backpack, including two full cans of Gerber Gentle formula, a diaper changing pad, Gerber baby bib, breastfeeding blanket, plus lots of free sample boxes, you must join MyGerber. Yes, it is that easy!

  33. Free Babyganics + Burt’s Bees Gift Set from Grove

There is some exclusive offer available from Grove. They are rendering some awesome free baby gifts, and you don't want to miss on that. Plus, you will also get free shipping on those so hurry and avail the best offer in town.

  34. Honest Company Samples

Are you looking for some big free baby samples? Well, Honest Company is here with some substantial baby samples that are free of cost. These free sample boxes include diapers, wipes, and many other cute baby freebies.

  35. P&G Sampler Box

Did you know? Signing up for P&G Everyday can give you a chance to unlock some massive baby freebies. Bet it Pampers, Crest, Herbal Essences, or Dawn, and you can get it all and much more!

  36. Sam’s Club Samples

Sam's Club is your place, whether you want baby freebies or some exciting freebies for new moms. Yes! You just have to become a member, and you can unlock unlimited baby freebies and avail opportunities for massive savings.

Baby Freebies for Expecting Moms

baby freebies for expecting moms

  37. Free Pregnancy Box from BumpBoxes.com

When it comes to free stuff for pregnant women, we have our winner! Bump Boxes is known to be the number 1 subscription box for expectant Moms. You just have to refer it to a few friends, and you will be able to get $10 free credit for each referral, and your whole bump box can be free of cost.

  38. Free Pregnancy Box from Noobie

Now get your favorite free pregnancy stuff from Noobie. They also offer a bump box that is entirely free and available with just a small shipping cost. These baby freebies and bump box items are worth hundreds of dollars, so don’t miss it.

  39. Bluum Baby Box

Bluum is another monthly subscription box service for Mom & Baby.  You can get a free Bluum box with a six-month subscription. Each Bluum box contains four products, always with a $45+ value.  It's a perfect gift for baby showers, birthdays, or just because. 

  40. Free Motherhood Maternity Gift Bag

There are some gift bags provided to new Expecting Moms. Motherhood Maternity offers you gift bags for mom-to-be. You can pick it up from the nearest local stores, and you can also join their online perks program to get more baby freebies.

  41. Free Maternity Support Band

Did you know? You can get your free Maternity Support Bands that can help your pain and discomfort. You just have to mention your insurance details, your insurance will cover the cost, and you can get free maternity bands.

  42. Free Pregnancy Belly Band

There are one more free offers where you can get free belly bands. Expecting moms can get it from Belly Button Band. Therese freebies are eligible for the usage of code that is provided below.


  43. Free Pregnancy Compression Socks

Your insurance company can be more beneficial in these times, and you can use your insurance information to yet again score some fabulous freebies from Compression socks. Now you don't have to feel any discomfort or swelling in your legs. 

  44. Daily Goodie Box

Make your pregnancy healthier with organic products and more exciting because these items are free of cost. Daily Goodie Box offers pregnancy freebies and sample boxes filled with free healthy snacks, beauty samples, and healthy drinks.

  45. Free Sample Boxes from Everyday Family

With Everyday Moms Sampling Club, you can get new sample boxes every month and get them all without any cost or charges.

  46. Target Beauty Box

Are you expecting it? While you are taking care of your health, you should also make sure that you are looking after your well-being. You can get the fantastic Target Beauty Box with some makeup samples for all expecting moms. Plus you can also get a free shipping at Target if you explore more.

  47. Walmart Beauty Box

You can get some more amazing free samples are from Walmart. If you are expecting, you just have to pay $5 as your shipping cost and your Walmart beauty box will be sent to you at your doorstep.

  48. Free PINCHme Box

Every month PINCHme will send you free sample boxes, and you can avail of this chance to get those items for free. You don't even have to pay for shipping and get those exclusive items from your favorite brands. 

  49. Prime Sample Boxes

If you have a prime membership with Amazon Prime, then you are lucky! You can get all your favorite nutritional products, cosmetics, gourmet snacks, and much more and pamper yourself with all this free stuff. And if you are not a Prime Member, then now is the time!

  50. Free Baby Bottles from Babies ‘R Us

Once you make a baby registry on Babies 'R Us, you will instantly get a chance to avail Baby Swag Bag, which will contain all the amazing freebies in the form of samples and trial packs for you and your babies.

  51. Free Nestle Diaper Bag

Nestle offers the most exciting freebies when you sign up to get the bundles of free goodies and samples. Enjoy those fulfilling times with your babies, and make all the sweet memories.

To Wrap Up

If you are still wondering how to get free baby stuff, you don't have to explore anymore. These options that we have provided you are a complete package for you to turn to especially in the time of this pandemic you must know the ways to shop in Covid-29. whether it is free samples, trials, Buy One Get One Free or gifts you must select the ones that fit right to your needs and enjoy all the astonishing baby freebies.

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