77+ Smart Ways to Save Money on a Tight Budget

Do you want to save but have a tight budget? You may be looking for some additional ways to economize in order to come up with the best fit. That is the reason this blog can enlighten you with more than 77 techniques, and now you can know the smartest ways to save money and recognize the best strategies to be thrifty!

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77+ Smart Ways to Save Money on a Tight Budget

Every person wishes to have saved and kept more money than they actually are and try several ways to save money for many reasons. Some people want to buy a dream house or a car, and most of us often think of long term financial wealth, but is just saving some bucks each month can do it for you?

No, you might want to reconsider your money saving practices! And find some smart ways to save money in a tight budget.

Today we are going to discuss 77+ smart ways to save money on a tight budget because it is essential that we know how to save more money on a tight budget to reduce our financial worries and not face any nickel and dime on the road. Plus, these ways can also help us live a much better, happier, and sustainable lifestyle.

Top Ways to Save Money

You have to run through much smarter tactics in order to identify the best possible ways to maintain a proper routine and know exactly how to save on a tight budget. People desire to pick out a certain amount from their net income and cover it into their savings and investments. But with all the expenses attached to us, it almost gets pretty impossible to keep saving.

That is why let's get to the major money-saving ways that can help you in managing your financial cycle, makes it smooth and notched up!

1. Know Your Exact Expenses

First and foremost, the most important aspect of even considering saving is to know your expenses. Keep track of them every month.

2. Make a Budget Spreadsheet

In order to monitor your costs, it is crucial that you record them somewhere safe. Typically, people prefer to use an Excel spreadsheet to oversee their budgets. It is considered to be the best way to budget money.

3. Look out for Coupons and Discounts

For saving money on a tight budget, you can use all the possible maneuvers at your disposal, and availing coupon codes is one of them. You can visit PennySaviour to get the maximum discount on your shopping and save big for the month.

4. Follow a 50/20/30 budget rule!

Senator Elizabeth Warren introduces this idea, and the rule states that you should spend 50% of your after-tax income on your 'must-haves or must-dos,' the other 50% must be split in 20% savings and 30% of debt repayments.

5. Utilize the tech to Automate

There are so many ways to save money in this new era, and the best one is the usage of tech. Bring the money-saving apps like Chime, Digit and Qapital or more to gain all the support for and get a counselor on budget ideas to economize.

6. Track Your Spending

Tracking the spending is not just referred to as eaves-drop into a spreadsheet now and then. It means that you should know with absolute certainty that the limit to your expense is precise.

7. Make a 'Savings Bucket' Strategy

This strategy works like wonders when you have more than one goal to fulfill. The Saving Bucket strategy refers to you having multiple saving accounts.

8. Find an Accountability Partner

It always helps when there is someone who can guide you in money-saving tips on a tight budget. So, try to find someone who is trustworthy, can keep you accountable for your goals, and is confident to give you the best financial advice.

9. Avoid Having an Adverse Account

Dodge your credit report to carry any negative activity such as declined card, made late payments, outstanding balance, or so on. This can reduce your chance of getting better interest rates in the future.

10. Identify your Guilty Pleasures

The best way to save money on a tight budget is to know precisely what is that you cannot resist buying! Then either try to overcome it or put it in your 50% of must-haves.

11. Set Saving Goals

Before planning anything, it is vital that you set a goal. And with all the ways to save money, the main thing is that your focus of setting a target to reach with a proper time frame.

12. Get Pre-Approved on Loans

Saving in a tight budget may be harsh, but this practice can make things easy for you. You can jump right into buying the perfect car or a house for yourself.

13. Keep a Check on your Credit Reports

As we discussed before that credit reports are paramount among the ways to save money and qualifies to support in lower interest rate. Moreover, good credit scores can also contain your money on a long-term basis.

14. Be Punctual in your Payments

Be prompt in paying your bills and other monthly expense because any extra debt can bring significant chaos in your budget.

15. Focus on the Need before Spending

Without wondering more about how to save money monthly, just focus on what do you actually need rather than shopping for the extra stuff that is not even useful.

16. Compare with the Past

The childhood saving enthusiasm was treasuring, so try to dip into some of the yearning to economize and make budgeting an engaging activity.

17. Be Consistent in your Payments

It is good to pay your bills and evade having any negative influence on your credit report, but the best way to budget and save is to be consistent in doing so. One wrong move or extra spending can ruin your budget.

18. Manage Your Credit Utilization

The biggest mistake that people make by avoiding the ways to save money is they have continue to have an outstanding balance, which puts them into debt and cause financial worries.

19. Use Credit Card Rewards

Using credit rewards might come in the top tips on how to save money on a tight budget. You can redeem for cash or statement credit or can pay with rewards or points while shopping.

20. Do Your Research before Purchasing Something

The primary core of powering your savings is to do your research about that particular product you want to buy. Conduct price comparison, possibilities of its reduction in prices, or maybe you can find it on sale.

21. Follow a 'Barter System' Strategy

This is one most easy way to save money on a small budget you can get a thing in exchange for something else. For instance, you can get bread from your neighbors in exchange for butter.

22. Explore More to Get a Car Insurance

There are so many companies that offer you less introductory rates in the beginning but then increase annually. So make sure to be aware of these kinds of expenses.

23. Pay Your Car Insurance Annually

Most of the companies offer a full payment discount, so this is one of the best ways to save money on a tight budget. Plus, you can just put that money aside to scrimp it is a saving account and get profit on it. Earthier way, it will be the most solvent and cost-effective practice.

24. Monitor the Usage of Electricity

You must keep in mind to utilize less electricity and monitor it daily. Any extra light bulb or AC can speed up your electricity meter, and you will end up paying extra money.

25. Use Energy Efficient Appliances

Try to use renewable sources of energy, such as solar energy and water. These Energy Efficient Appliances provide the least amount of energy for the required task.

26. Switch to LED Bulbs

LED bulbs are also one of the most effective ways of saving energy and this is how to budget and save money on a small income with small and smart acts.

27. Cover your House

You may be thinking that how can covering the house can save me money. But it can! If you cover your home, it will be less dirty, and you will spend less on paying for the cleaners weakly or wasting electricity by using vacuums daily.

28. Monitor the Usage of Water

Make sure to recoil from the water leakage because you are ultimately paying extra money for the water you have not even used.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency,

'The average family spends more than $1,000 per year in water costs, but can save more than $380 annually from retrofitting with WaterSense labeled fixtures and ENERGY STAR certify appliances.'

29. Conduct Routine Home Maintenance

It is essential that you keep an eye on your appliances and home fixtures because severe damage can cost way more than continuous maintenance.

30. Compare your Child's Daycare Expenses

If you have a child then you already know that there are not many ways to save money. But you can still run a few tactics such as compare the prices of keeping a child in-home or a daycare.

31. Try Cloth Diapers for your Baby

There are no ways to save money with the expensive diapers available in the market. The basic need of your child can not be compromised therefore you can try a cloth diaper for your baby. This can bring a significant effect on your saving and expense.

32. Save Money on Babysitting

You are not required to empty your wallets on the professional babysitter. You can just swap your timings with some other moms and dads. This is one of the best ways to save money.

33. Cook Food by Yourself

Do you always wonder how to save money every month and still order food in every day or go out in a fancy restaurant? This is a major expense that we tend to ignore. So, try to cook by yourself whenever you get the time.

34. Have low-cost Parties

We can't ignore parties, it is the most fun and effective way of socializing, but we can cut our cost on it. Reduce the number of dishes and try to buy cheap champagne rather than going for the premium one.

35. Follow a 'Four Gift Rule' Strategy

If you want to know a fun and most amazing strategy on how to save more money on a tight budget then this is it! Give your kids or loved ones gifts by following a four gift rule and ask them to guess. This will make it fun and a help you save more. The rule states,

'Something they want, something they need,

something to wear and something to read.'

36. Look for Less Expensive Activities

Mostly we tend to spend more money on things that are not that fun, buying expensive concerts tickets, going on expensive trips and so on. You can save more by avoiding these activities, for example you can download your favorite movie on your laptop for free rather than watching it in a theater.

37. Work from Home

If you are an entrepreneur or a freelancer then this might be your thing for now, but working from home has turned out to be one of the best ways to save money and if you want to cut back more money than continue to do so.

38. Do a 'No Spending' Challenge

You can choose a period of time where you challenge yourself not to spend even a single penny on anything. You can do this challenge on the weekends or holidays; it's up to you.

39. Be a Minimalist

Spend less, keep it simple and streamline your life! This is one of the most effect methods of saving money on a tight budget. Try not to be distracted by the extra expenses and maintain a routine to be more effective on your minimalist role.

40. Track your Monthly Fees

There are so many compulsory expenses that you can't ignore like utility bills, kid's fees, and so on. Prepare worksheets to record your monthly costs and try to keep an eye on them to shun from any extra payments.

41. Beware of Subscriptions

Subscriptions make money go quickly. Keep track of all your subscriptions made through credit cards and cancel them right away if you do not need it anymore.

42. Beware of ATM Fees

ATM fees are a major bummer if you lose sight of it! The service charges bring a significant effect on your budget. So, beware of those pesky ATM fees and ask about the extra charges before using your ATM.

43. Save for the Holidays

The holiday season can be joyous in many ways, there are so many holiday sales that occur, and you can shop for your favorite items at much lesser prices than ever. So, save for the whole year to shop in a pocket-friendly way.

44. Buy Things on Sale

Speaking of sale! It is the best ways to save money, and you should attend all those doorbusters and online sales to cut the expenditure more for the month.

45. Make a List and Stick to it!

Going to grocery stores and malls can be distracting and leads to spending an extra amount of money. The only ways to save money is to make a list of essentials that you want to buy. Then do not bother to take anything other than the ones listed on your phone or the paper.

46. Use Grocery Apps

There are grocery apps that cannot just help you save money but they also provide rebate offers or points. You can earn cashback from your spending and also get hundreds of discount offers on various stores.

47. Set a Limited time for Shopping

Spending a lot of time in the markets or stores can effectuate to the spending spree. You will have extra expenditure in your hands and you will not be able to retrench money.

48. Make a 'Cash Only' Strategy

Turn around your life by using the 'Cash Only' strategy. This means no mortgage payments, no loans and completely ditches your credit cards. You should spend the money that doesn't have to be paid back.

49. Go to Big Stores

Are you confused by the term big stores? No to worry, I am talking about are these regular retail stores like Walmart, Kohl's, and Target usually offers big discounts, clearance items and sell their products at low prices, especially with the increasing number of market competition.

50. Avoid the Brand Outlets

Unlike the big stores, these brand outlets offer expensive products because they carry prestige and have higher perceived quality. They also have justifications like more advertising expenditures and investors demanding a high return-on-investment. So, make sure to avoid these brand outlets.

51. Buy High Quality Clothes

One of the smart ways to save money is to buy high quality clothes. These clothes stay for a long-term even after multiple washes. So think wisely and spend one time in a year then spending every month.

52. Buy a Smart Thermostat for your Car

The small efforts matter, so a smart thermostat in your car will help you save money if you manage to set temperatures higher during cooling and lower during heating.

53. Buy Over the Counter Medications on Sale

Over the Counter Medications are usually available on sale and are far cheaper than the basic medications. So, try to use some of standard drugs on OTC however it is still preferred to buy medicine which is prescribed by a professional.

54. Practice DIY

DIY has gain fame in this new era, and you can avail this opportunity to do more of the things yourself. Stop wasting more on buying things and come up with ways to save money through DIY.

55. Cancel Your Cable

In the era of Netflix, YouTube, and Sling TV, you will be awaiting your money on your cable fees. Cancel it right away and utilize the internet.

56. Don't Touch the Tax Money

It is as simple as it sounds! Expenses can be a little tough to cover and sometimes we tend to slip a paper note or two from our tax money. But to shun the failure-to-pay penalty by the IRS, forbid yourself to touch your tax money at all.

57. Refinance Your Federal Student Loans

Student loans are straight away bad! However, you can save money by refinancing then if you already have a steady job and a plan to pay off your student debt in shortly. You can lower your interest payments and cover your debt-to-income ratio in no time.

58. Reevaluate the Expenses

In order to be on right track the whole time, you should reevaluate your expenses regularly. Check your net worth, calculate your debt-to-income ratio, check your housing situations and overlook the total expenses.

59. Wisely Choose the Extracurricular

There are so many hobbies that cause extra expenditure. The only ways to save money is to select an extracurricular that is either absolutely necessary or of less cost.

60. Make a Meal Plan

Every now and then, our kitchen budget can overshadow to our entire expenses. So, to keep it intact it is necessary that you make a proper weakly meal plan by budgeting it.

61. Don't Waste Money on Sodas

Some of us have a habit of drinking sodas with every meal. It is not good for both your health and your savings. So avoid having many drinks and save your money and health.

62. Travel In Groups

When it comes to traveling we cannot miss out on any fun but when you are in groups the expense divides and it is a much better ways to save money then to go alone and spend it all.

63. Make a 'Change Saving' Strategy

Whenever you get a change left put it in a box and save every penny that you can. This strategy can do wonders when you want to know that how to economize monthly.

64. Follow the Dutch System

Whenever you go out with your friends and family, make a rule to have a 'Dutch System.' This way everyone pays for themselves and save more.

65. Use Bicycle as a Commute

This is the least expensive traveling medium. And if you want to cut costs then you should switch to travelling on a bicycle.

66. Be Flexible While Traveling

When you are traveling to different places, comfort always comes with a price tag attached to it. So, book rooms in cheap hotels, try to eat local food, buy thing from the local market and be flexible to save more.

67. Automate your Savings

Earlier, we talked about using tech to automate but if you want to know other ways to save money then you can have a saving account, regularly deposit the savings in to that account. You can also save your tax refunds every year and try to count the pennies.

68. Have a Retirement Plan

It is important that you realize in early age that retirement plan is necessary. The best ways to save money for your retirement is to invest 15% of your earnings in a tax-advantaged retirement account and maintain it until you get retired.

69. Get Annual Checkups

An uncertain health problem can lead to an unexpected expense, so if you take care of your health, the health of your loved ones and don't miss out on the annual checkups, then this can save both you and your money.

70. Don't miss out on Employer Matches

Avail the Employer Matches it is the free money that you can get in your retirement accounts. So, be smart and utilize the opportunities in front of you.

71. Buy Term Life Insurance Early

Term life insurance is the best form of life insurance, it is tax-free and the most affordable one. The sooner you take it the more profit your family or beneficiaries will get.

72. Take advantage of student discounts

Student discounts are treasurable ways to save money that we only realize once they are gone. So use it as much as you can while traveling, at the coffee shop, and most of the brands also offer exclusive student discount offers to make sure that you do not miss on those.

73. Buy course books second-hand

Talk to the alumni and the seniors to lend you their books. You can also find second-hand books in the book stores. This is the smartest ways to save money in your student life.

74. Share the spaces with other tenants

If you have ever lived in a dorm room, you know exactly what I am saying! This is a perfect way to split your house rent and save while staying on rent.

75. Don't overpay for transport

Uber and having a car can be expensive at times. So try to travel in public trains or use a bicycle as a commute.

76. Be smart with your food shopping

Shop for frozen fruit and vegetables, and they are cheaper than the fresh ones. Avoid meat and fish, which are expensive compared to vegetables. Other foods like beans, lentils, and peas are also pretty inexpensive. Plus, try not to waste any food and try to cover leftovers for lunch. These are some fundamental and effective ways to save money.

77. Know Your Exact Income

We have gone through so many ways to save money, but the most important part which covers everything under it is your income. If you are unclear about what is your monthly revenue and the sources of your income like, house/property rent, salary, business or professional profit, capital gains, and more. Then there will be no use of making plans for savings, so do it properly.

78. Use your Negotiating Power!

The one thing that nobody can take away from a buyer is it negotiating power. So, barging as much as you can while shopping because sometimes it will make you feel outstanding and you will be surprised how much of a difference it can make.

Everything Considered

When you initially decide to make cutbacks, the thought itself is pretty exciting, all the possibilities that you have in mind, and all the ways to save money. There is no one in the world except us who can stop us from saving the money we have earned. So today, take some time out and think about how to save money on a tight income or a tight budget because it's never too late to plan something that is ultimately beneficial for you and your family.

So, save while you can!

Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.

– Warren Buffett 

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