Host A Fourth Of July Patriotic Party For Less In 2020

The warmth, the happiness, the freedom. They are coming gradually as the Fourth of July is near. The day of America's independence. People have always been excited to celebrate, to enjoy to cherish and to be patriotic American that day. Mostly there is a concern about how one can arrange the Fourth of July party on a budget. But if you want to host a small gathering with your neighbors by following all the precautionary measures, you can enjoy at home as we have discussed in this blog

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Host A Fourth Of July Patriotic Party For Less In 2020

The warmth, the happiness, the freedom. They are coming gradually as the Fourth of July is near. The day of America's independence. People have always been excited to celebrate, to enjoy to cherish and to be patriotic American that day. But what to do in 2020? The year has been unfortunate since it kicked off. COVID-19 pandemic has become a nightmare to a lot of people's lives and economies. And that is the reason this year a lot of celebrations that have become rituals, are canceled.

But no matter what cause your plans to change, you don't have to fret—the day definitely isn't meant to be ruined. There are plenty of ideas to host the Fourth of July party on a budget and being patriotic for less in 2020. Although gatherings and social events are not an option this year, you can enjoy it in several different ways. There is nothing harm in arranging small parties and gatherings while following proper SOPs and practicing precautionary measures. The following are some ideas on how you can host the Fourth of July party on a budget while enjoying the day at its full extent.

Patriotic Party And Fun At Home


Things on the Fourth of July don't always go according to plan every year. Sometimes, the weather prevents you from backyard barbeque and grilling out. Sometimes, the time that you spend in the kitchen exhaust you, and you want someone else to do the cooking on this big day. And this year, people, including you, must be sad because of ongoing lockdown and other crises. Mostly there is a concern about how one can arrange the Fourth of July party on a budget. But if you want to host a small gathering with your neighbors by following all the precautionary measures, you can enjoy at home in the following manners.

  • Kid's neighborhood parade


It's our kids who enjoy life to its full extent. So let them be. You can allow your kids to get out of the house, decorate their bikes and cycles with balloons, ribbons, and streamers and get ready for a neighborhood parade. Make sure that they wear a face mask and gloves and have hand sanitizer in their pockets.

  • Decorate your home with enthusiasm


No matter what the situation is, you should not give up. Stay strong stand firm and decorate your house with American flag-themed objects. Now the question is, how do you decorate your home for the Fourth of July? The DIY home decoration is possible that will not compel you to run to the nearest supermarket.  There are a lot of 4th July home decorating ideas for small Party available on the single click of google. Search for them. And make your home welcoming for guests.

  • Arrange family BBQ at your backyard


Independence Day celebrations and summer BBQ run side by side. It is the perfect time to gather the family or neighbors or friends and have a fun-filled holiday at your backyard. Not only the Fourth of July party on a budget approach demands you to practice it, but it is also a tradition. The BBQ ribs, Steaks, shrimps are official Fourth of July party foods, and your Fourth of July Patriotic Party will be incomplete without them.

  • Arrange indulging and fun game hour

Our Fourth of July party on a budget guide will not let you down by not including game session suggestions in it. Although your 4th of July day is all about outdoor games. However, baseball is allowed or not has been announced yet. So you can choose a lot of other games that can be played in your backyard area. 

Here are some fun ideas to watch out for.

  • A water balloon fight will be perfect for a small gathering game; it's funny, indulging, and easy to arrange.
  • A corn-hole match can also be the right choice of game to arrange in the backyard. You don't need many players for it and its really easy.
  • You can set up a little sandlot for the kids so that they can swing away.
  • Make your kids happy by placing a water sprinkler in the backyard.
  • The best idea can be arranging a portable Slip-n-Slide as it is an enjoyable way to cool down. 
  • If you really want to enjoy, you can arrange homemade sponge bombs to play a mess-free water fight
  • Arrange a competition game of sack race and Spoon race. The fun and entertainment altogether.

  • Try delicious recipes and impress your guests


Aside from America's Independence Day, there's one more thing the 4th of July is known for, i.e., mouthwatering seasonal food. Although there may be some massive fireworks displays, American flag ceremonies, the food has its place. If you're looking for Fourth of July party on a budget, you have also been looking for delicious 4th of July party food recipes that your family and guests will love to have. 
Here are few suggestions for 4th of July party recipes that you definitely will be going to snag and try:



Chicken Nachos: The outdoor fun is not complete without any camping food recipe. So try out chicken nachos this year that everyone will love. They are arguably the most delicious and appealing.

chicken kababs

Chicken Kebabs: Marinate your chicken with lemon and tikka masala spices, and make awesome kebabs that will everyone compel to lick the fingers.


BBQ Shrimp Tacos: We all know that BBQ is delicious, so do Shrimps and Tacos are… So combining all of the three is a good idea for snacking on.



Tossed salad with olive oil dressing: Add a green twist of salad on a lunch table with this simple summer salad having a lot of veggies and fresh herbs with olive oil dressing.


Beef and mushroom burgers: These burgers are half-veggie, half-beefy, and get an overdosed with flavors. For an extra slant, put cheese inside and enjoy the best ever lunch biting a new ultimate burger.


Grilled Chicken Wings: play a safe game and stick to this game-day classic while grilling them on high. No one will get off them so easily. 



Glazed Chicken and Pineapple: The grilled and glazed chicken is a bold, flavorful dinner option that you can ready in just 30 minutes. The dish will let you experience tender deliciousness with a twist of freshly grilled pineapples. Amazing idea. Right?

Grilled Cheese hot dogs: 4th July lunch is all about BBQ dishes, so why not give a chance to grilled hot dogs filled with oozing cheese? 


Mini Stars Berry Pies: Go for a patriotic theme berry pie dessert served with ice cream. They are bursting with fresh berries and as colorful as the American flag.  

  • Fire Works


Without fireworks, the celebration of 4th July is incomplete. It is a popular way of expressing your love for America. But wait. This year it's something different. Fourth of July party on a budget will not be possible if you arrange your own fireworks extravaganza. It expensive, unsafe, and you cannot gather a lot of people to enjoy that event. 
But if you really want to end your Fourth of July party on a budget with firework celebrations, then you can easily find out the nearby places where there will be a fireworks event. It’s much cheaper, safe, and hassle-free.

4th Of July Virtual Patriotic Party For 2020


As there are no social gatherings safe for celebrating Independence Day, the solution to celebrate from home is to have a virtual or online party. The question arises here, How to throw a 4th of July virtual party? So let us inform you that you can enjoy the Fourth of July party on a budget in several ways virtually to honor America while sitting at home.
Whether you are breaking bread together online, visiting historical sites that you can access from your laptop, watching fireworks, movies, etc. We've got you covered with the 4th of July Party Ideas in 2020. We encourage you to enjoy a virtual party on 4th July via whatever the ways you can adopt online. Make this day a memorable one while sitting at home.
So the following are some suggestions for the 4th July patriotic Virtual party in 2020 that you can host and make your celebrations the next best thing while having a darn good time doing it.

  • Exchange of picnic basket and enjoy a virtual picnic


If we will ask an average American, what do you do for the Fourth of July party? They will suddenly scream, 'Picnic party.' And it's true. No other holiday says 'picnic' quite like Independence Day. Americans, every year, head out of their homes for enjoying the Fourth of July party on a budget and go for a picnic. 

But unluckily, this year it's a different situation. But please do not worry about it. We have an idea for a plan to swap picnic baskets instead of abandoning this beautiful tradition this year, and why not?
Sharing is caring, and the idea is to share your homemade picnic basket with the participating neighbor, family, or friend. 
Also, it's a great day to show your unity. By mutual understanding, after dropping off the baskets, select the time, arrange a conference video call session, and enjoy the goodies together virtually. This could be among the cheap 4th of July party ideas.

  • Virtual cake cutting ceremony


There are a lot fewer party ideas in the year 2020 for the 4th of July. So we have the best 4th of July party ideas to choose from. And one of them we will suggest hosting a virtual cake cutting ceremony. This Fourth of July party on a budget can be held at home, and you enjoy this by arranging live video sessions with your friends, family. 
Cake cutting is among the core 4th of July celebrations, but it's not necessarily mean that you have to gather a lot of people for a ceremony. Virtually it can be done and enjoyed online.

  • Virtual arts and craft for kids


Nothing is as colorful and as pleasing as kids playing with colors and indulging in creative activities. Making DIY pinwheels or blue and red sun catchers or paper flags. You can arrange the kid's virtual arts and craft party by arranging it live with their friends. After all, kids also deserve to have fun, and it is also the Fourth of July party on a budget that will not cost you much.
Moreover, it's the best activity to arrange and collect objects for decorating the Fourth of July patriotic themed party. So why not to avail the opportunity and save some time?

  • Remember the declaration of America

In these hard times, there is an immense need to remember the values, principles, and norms that America founded. It's a good idea to ponder these values this year virtually.
If you want Fourth of July party on a budget, then keep it simple by face timing the ceremony to friends and family and ask your household members, including kids, to read America's Declaration of Independence aloud. The enthusiasm, the emotions, the goosebumps, and the energizing patriotic feeling that you will feel that time is irreplaceable while you practice these types of 4th of July patriotic party ideas. We bet that there will not be a dry eye left in the houses that are virtually connected by the document's end. 

  • Host a patriotic movie night online


Throwing a movie night invitation cannot be canceled just because you are socially distancing. There a lot of browser extensions that let you share and sync videos like Netflix Party, two-seven, etc. and let you enjoy your Fourth of July party on a budget. You can also avail of group text or video chat features, depending on the app. There are many patriotic family-friendly films and movies flicks to share that will never let your movie night spoil.

Some brands to shop for 4th July things

Order customized cakes for cake cutting ceremonies. The range is awesome, and services are available at discounted rates. 

You can learn cake and dessert recipes you want to try out this year on the 4th of July. Also, you can get coupons and discounts on different related products. 

Lit your house with illuminating lights, candles, and a lot more decorating things.

Make your kids a patriotic one by letting him wear according to the occasion of independence.

Get the desirable equipment for arts and crafts for kids for making 4th of July decorations and props.

Subscribe to awesome salads and vegan dishes and get worry-free this independence day for lunch salad items.

Love with food offers affordable healthy snacks for your kids. Don’t get worried about 4th July snack ideas.

Get firecrackers, outdoor canopies, and a lot more for the 4th of July at reasonable rates.

Buy delicious deli, sausages, hot dogs, and other meaty products for 4th July.

Final Words


This year hasn't been an easy year for America and the rest of the world, and pulling off the Fourth of July party on a budget is not easy. But we can defeat the disappointment, depression, and anything else negative with the Fourth of July party on a budget idea mentioned above. Sure, we can still enjoy grilling with the best BBQ recipes, we can play games and have fun, we can enjoy movies, we can enjoy small gatherings, and figure out how and where to watch incredible fireworks sitting at home. Just have faith, be strong, and stand tall with head high. 

Hope you like the ideas. It's time to Pin!

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