November Shopping Guide 2020: What To Buy And Not Buy

You may be confused that what you should buy in November for the holidays ahead. Why don't you read this shopping guide for November 2020 and get incredible ideas about your holiday shopping? 

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November Shopping Guide 2020: What To Buy And Not Buy

As soon as October last week starts, the bells rang for November, and preparations for the holiday season start. They will get in full swing as soon as the calendar page is turned over for November. There are many events like Chinese singles day, Thanksgiving, and sales events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday are ahead waiting for consumers in November. That is why you are here reading our shopping guide for November 2020. 

Retailers have highlighted dates on their calendars; stores are ready to prepare for an online sales bonanza. Due to fewer visitors braving the crowded shopping centers and restricted SOPs on account of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whenever you think of November deals and sales, epic discounts on Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, click to our mind. However, this year the scenario is somewhat different. Financial condition of people is not so well and they have to understand how to budget and celebrate as well. These aren't the only ways to get discounts in November 2020. More than ever this year, all of November carries a plethora of excellent deals and savings.

So read our shopping guide for November 2020 below on what to buy and what not buy in November 2020, and be sure to check out the items in Black Friday 2020 to see what you can grab and save on this year.

What to buy in November 2020

As we know that there are only two months left at the end of this year. And due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the retailers are chock full of unbought stock in-store. That is why November is the best time to buy the stuff you were holding up for the last two months. Let see what you can, and you should buy in November 2020.


leftover Halloween candies

Although Halloween fall on October 31st, and various deals and discounts on Halloween candies will finish before that, retailers still offer candies on discounts on November 1st. So in this shopping guide for November 2020, we predict that it is likely for you to save the most on some sweet treats soon after Halloween day like other candy-laden holidays.

You just have to wait until the day after to grab the expected immediate discounts of up to 50% off on Halloween candies on November 1st. Consider being patient as chocolates are always a good idea at any time of the year. 

Baking Ingredients and goods

baking ingredients and goods

As soon as November appear on the calendar, people get steady by wearing aprons and maintain food diaries. The holiday baking rush began in November. That is why one can expect to see confectionary sugar, cookie dough, spices, cake mixes, flour, flavors, baking chocolate, and plenty of other baking essentials on discounts. Our shopping guide for November 2020 suggests you make a list according to the recipes you want to try this year and bang on the retailer’s store to grab baking groceries at discounted rates. 

Genealogy and family tree services

geanology and family tree services

Each year in November, family members gather on Thanksgiving, and everyone enjoys lunch together. It’s always so lovely to see the family together. So through the shopping guide for November 2020, we are giving you the idea that it will be exciting to discover your family roots at a family get together. 

The best way to do that is by hiring a Genealogy service like It allows you to take a deep dive into family history and create a family tree. It will feel so great this Thanksgiving to look into your DNA with You can get up to 50% off AncestryByDNA Test.

A wedding dress

buying wedding dress

COVID-19 pandemic has caused delays in a lot of wedding as soon as the year start. The designers and dressmakers who prepared the wedding and formal dress collection for the events were shut down. 

So there include a wedding dress, which is your November shopping list. Maybe you are planning a wedding. Or, if you are not, you must know someone who is. So it will be better to consider buying a beautiful white wedding dress. 

So as long as you don’t mind wearing some eight-month-old styles, you can expect and grab deep discounts on these dresses.

Home improvement supplies, goods and decoration, and services

home improvement goods and supplies

Before Thanksgiving and Christmas, why not make some significant alterations at home and impress the dinner guests? If you think so, consider buying home improvement supplies, goods, decorations, and services.

Home improvement projects and works are often delayed and put on hold as people compensate for their holiday purchases and home entertainment. So while reading the shopping guide for November 2020, don’t be surprised when we include home improvement in our suggestion. Just take advantage of discounts and deals from retailers like Homary on bath faucets, furniture, lighting, sanitary fittings, décor, etc. while businesses are slow. Even you can get renovation services at low prices.

Tools and hardware

hardware and tools

It is the time to buy tools and hardware that you may need to do home improvement projects. As there are many home improvement and hardware supply retailers who want to grab the attention of people busy buying electronics and clothes for holidays, you can grab the discounts on items that are overlooked.

Retailers like Lowes offer a great deal on hardware and tools that you can grab at discounted rates. Expect phenomenal discounts on Power Tools

A power tool battery, charger and drill bit set, accessories and combo Kits

Drills & Drivers, Saws

Welding & Soldering tools

Tool Storage & Work Benches

Hand Tool Sets

Levels & Measuring Tools

Flashlights & Flashlight Bulbs

Work Clothing & Footwear

Safety Equipment

Small kitchen appliances

small kitchen appliances

Small appliances or household gadgets help your day go more smoothly. Small kitchen appliances save you time, resources, and money depending on what small kitchen appliances you're using. 

You can consider toasters and coffeemakers as you buy according to our shopping guide for November 2020. Not only these two, but you can also consider kitchen appliances like air fryers, dehydrators, ice cream makers, popcorn machines, etc. 

You can buy them from the most reliable platform of Home Depot. They have already announced that they will keep on offering significant Black Friday deals throughout November. So you can grab what you think best for you. 

Also, these kitchen and countertop appliances make excellent gifts for housewarming, holidays, and newlyweds. You can use the Home Depot coupon and promo codes as well to get a discount on them.



If you want a cheap and budget not so high in tech laptop, November is the best time for that. During our research for the shopping guide for November 2020, we found out that many retailers like Target offer the best deals on laptops and similar electronic gadgets featuring current-generation processors and screens of up to 15'. 

But do not that these deals generally don't include high-performance devices and laptops (For gaming and live-streaming). For high-performance devices, you can use the Target discount code and gain maximum price cutoff.


TV screens

There is no denying that we may call November an official month for a TV screen upgrade. People wait the whole year to replace their old screens and bring in the new one with the latest technology—the reason for the phenomenal Black Friday deals that occur. 

This year, various retailers aim to facilitate their customers with the best of the best deals on TV. But this year, brands are strategically applying a different method to offer black Friday deals like Walmart. Now brands have converted November into Black November as they have announced to offer black Friday deals through the month. It is because retailers do not want a crowd in their stores that can cause breaking their COVID-19 SOPs.

For instance, Walmart. They announce to start Black Friday deals as early as November 4th. One can grab the best deal on onn. 42' Class 1080p FHD Roku TV. Visit their website for more details.

Smart home devices

smart home devices

One can save a lot buying smart home devices as there are many Black Friday deals in November available on giant retailers' websites. For instance, Amazon has provided amazing deals on their smart home products like Echo Dot Alex smart speaker,  ecobee3 Lite Smart Thermostat, Echo Show 5 Smart display with Alexa, Ring Alarm 5 Piece Kit home Security system with Alexa, etc. during their prime day event. 

Expect exceptional deals on these devices in November as well. Be ready and transform your home into a smart one.

Fragrances and perfumes

fragrances and perfumes

Maybe there is a chance that you will not find niche fragrances or brand's perfumes on sale. However, you can get them from retailers at discounts. Like Macy's, various retailers let you buy perfume and fragrance gift sets at a discount as their November shopping sales. Instead of buying perfumes, later on, try to snag the deal on perfume gift around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Makeup and beauty products

makeup and beauty products

Fall and winter both seasons are great when it comes to overhauling your wardrobe. Also, do consider trying your beauty and makeup collection to revamp. And why not try it when there are deep discounts available plentifully in November on makeup and accessories. 

Retailers will try to get rid of this year's trends and make room to launch the beauty trend of 2021. So you can get benefited from their inventory clean up mission. One can save up to 15% on purchasing cosmetics and beauty products from Tarte Cosmetics. Also, one can use Tarte Cosmetic coupons and promo codes for further discounts. right now, you can expect deals on

Gift & glam collector's set

Dare to live eye set

Adelaine Morin eye & cheek palette

Spicy betch pressed pigment palette

Fab five discovery set


home furniture

The shopping guide for November 2020 will suggest you bring home new furniture pieces. It will enlighten your interior and make significant seating for the guest that will visit on Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Aosom has the best furniture deals as New Subscriber Deals.

Aosom clearance deals

Bundle and save deals

Open-box deals

Halloween sale 8% off with code: halloween8

New subscriber 10% off exclusive coupon

Early-fall-sales, etc. Expect these deals and discounts to spike up in November and during the Black Friday sales event as well.


cookware and instant pot

The time between October and November is actually when people want to upgrade their kitchen and home. People usually want to purchase cookware for the holidays. So look for special promotions and Holiday shopping deals in November when you're buying cookware stuff like the Instant Pot.

It has become a Black Friday staple. So you can expect retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Target competing on the prices as we have seen in the most recent Prime day and Walmart deal week.

Sales and discount events to follow in November 2020

November is the last month before Christmas and New Year. That is the reason retailers announce great deals and sales to facilitate their customers for holidays ahead. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 is somewhat different when it comes to shopping and retails. But one can certainly grab a lot more significant deals and discounts than they ever had. Following are some of the sales and deals events that major retailers have announced, or we are expecting that they will announce in November 2020.

Black Friday doorbuster deals and sales

Black Friday doorbuster deals

As always, Black Friday is ahead. Consumers and retailers are both prepared for the doorbuster deals. But this year, retailers are facilitating their customers prior to Thanksgiving. And instead of one day Black Friday event, they aim to offer the Black Friday deals throughout November mainly online to control crowds of people swarm stores. They are hence making the month Black November. Moreover, various online platforms like PennySaviour are also offering Black Friday coupons 

For instance:

Walmart has announced three major Black Friday events this year.

Event 1: Will start on Wednesday, November 4, till Saturday, November 7, both online and in stores.

Event 2: Will begin on Wednesday, November 11 end on November 14 

Event 3: Will begins before Thanksgiving, i.e., on Wednesday, November 25 till actual Black Friday, November 27.


Target will offer their Black Friday deals throughout November 2020.

One can score discounts in Apparel, Home, Accessories, Electronics, and more. You can save a lot of money at Target.

They will announce their deals each Thursday in November, starting from October 29.

In the same manner,

Home Depot starting its Black Friday sales from November 6 instead of a short Black Friday after Thanksgiving. It will continue through December 2.

Veterans Day

Veterans Day or Armistice Day is a federal holiday in the USA. It is observed on November 11 annually to honor military veterans.

You can expect various retailers to hold sales on Veterans Day. Brands like Eddie Bauer, Nautica may offer an extra 50% off. 

Department stores like Kohl's are expected to give doorbusters with free shipping. Similarly, Belk, JCPenney, can also boast an extra 25% off promotion. 

PennySaviour deals, coupons and discount codes

Although the whole November is full of deals and discounts but what if we tell you that you can save even more? Bookmark in your browser and keep on visiting for coupons, deals, discount and promo codes. There are hundreds of brands there and you can get coupons and promo codes for Target, Walmart, Walgreens, Home Depot, Ancestry, Belk, Macy's, Field Company, Aosom, Turnkey, Grayers and what so not.

What not to buy in November 2020

Although in our shopping guide for November 2020 we have told you about various retailer's discounts. But also many are using the name of Black Friday to lure the customers for shopping as they will never get a chance again. But that really does not mean that you will get impulsive and catch everything that comes your way with a discount tag on it. So avoid buying the following things in November 2020.



Restrict yourself from buying any jewelry purchase until the New Year. We know that jewelry is like a hot cake for you for these holidays and you have been looking to buy jewelry online and in-store. But November shopping guide is still refraining you from buying any kind of jewelry because there will be Christmas and New Year deals ahead. You can also score savings as Valentine’s Day discounts will be there in January as well.

Exercise equipment 

exercise and fitness equipment       

Buy all exercising and fitness-related equipment and machines in January. Save you money for now as people will likely shop them as their New Year resolution, and retailers will give significant discounts as well.       

So in this shopping guide for November 2020, we suggest you not rush and spend on the equipment you may buy at even lower prices during upcoming months.

This year’s must-have toys

in-demand toys

Maybe there are a lot of doorbuster deals you can find on this year’s most popular toys on Black Friday. But beware before ordering because these toy’s supply is really fleeting. If you have a particular toy on your must-buy list, find best toy stores online and buy it in early Black Friday deals. Don’t wait for more price drop offs. It’s not always good to snag the discounts on items that your kids love.



Don’t ever buy mattresses in November. Maybe retailers offer them at incredibly low prices. But the item is better to buy during “three-day-weekend” sales like Memorial Day, Presidents’ Day, Labor Day, New Year’s Day, etc.

Final words

So these were some suggestions regarding your shopping sprees during November 2020. I hope that you will follow this shopping guide for November 2020. Also, we will update the best deals and sales in our upcoming blogs. So keep reading and following the path for saving a lot.  

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November Shopping Guide 2020: What To Buy And Not Buy