Pier 1 Reviews – A Brand To Consider For Home Improvement

Want to know why we consider Pier one as a trustable and affordable retailer for your home improvement? Go through our Pier 1 reviews to know if the retailer is really worth your spending or not!

Publish Date: 2021-01-18

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Want to nail your next home renovation? Then read our Pier 1 reviews if you don’t want to screw up the beauty and quality of your home.  

Many people spend hundreds of thousands of their spending on their home improvement and décor. But in the end, they don`t find the renovating and exclusive products that relish their eyes and provide them a luxurious feel. So we choose to review online stores that offer excellent home renovation products.

After our comparative research, we found many online brands that you can consider for your next purchase. Out of them, here are our Pier 1 reviews that can help you to consider remodeling your home and apartments without breaking the bank.

Pier1 - Where customers can aim home goods


First impression

Pier 1 is a well-known store of US and Canada that sells top-notch home décor products at affordable prices. From pillow & cushions to dining & entertainment, they have everything to transform your home into your dream palace.

Pier 1 Imports is best known for a wide selection of products with excellent customer service since 1962. Their furniture are unique and well-crafted, offering consumers high quality accent pieces for their home. A wide variety of delivery options and multiple sales offers and discounts to make shopping easy and affordable at Pier1. We recommend Pier 1 Imports to our beloved customers who are in search for unique furniture pieces at competitive prices.

Why Pier one stands out?

Here's why!

value-for-money-icon      Value for money

The collection we chose and the time we spent on Pier 1 reviews was fruitful. We concluded that their products were at right quality and were also satisfied with money we paid. Plus, you can find cheap alternatives for expensive and luxurious furniture pieces at Pier1.

website-ease-of-use-icon      Website ease of use

While summing up the complete Pier one brand reviews, we figured out that their website navigation is plain and simple. We found most of the promotions, discounts, and links to product collections on the homepage. And this is what everyone wants.

      Product information

While doing our Pier 1 Imports reviews, we found that even an average product on Pier 1 includes all the dimensions and material data in the description. You can also find the assembly instructions and links to interior inspirations that you may find useful after purchasing it.

     Payment options

The store even provides various payment method such as American Express, MasterCard, or visas etc. Besides customers can even enjoy `Pier 1 rewards credit cards` as a payment method for their ease.

Pier1`s contributions to renovate the home

Many people favor Pier 1 Imports due to their versatility, style, quality, and functionality. Over the years, Pier one reviews are featured in several journals and other renowned sites. It made its name prominent in the world`s face with its range of options, versatility in design, and quality of the material. Here are our top reviewed items from Pier one Imports.


Pier one candles

Price: $16.95

After our Pier one candles review, its candle collection becomes our superior choice for home décor. In New Year events, its night-blooming jasmine and white peach color brighten the rooms or spaces for us every time.


Pier one chair

Price: $369.95

The reason that praised us for Pier 1 Papasan chair review was its red color that can transform every room into a stylish space with a comfortable seating while providing a sitting place to relax and talk.


Pier one bradding table

Price: $499.99

With over 100+ Pier one bradding table reviews, it is safe to say that not only we love the Pier`s bradding table collection. But we do also recommend it to others because of its warm finish and urn-shaped trestle legs. 


Pier one sofa

Price: $679.95

This is the best available Pier one sofa that is in every Pier one sofa reviews. Although its price is high, you will never regret its purchase. You can go with saving tips to purchase this extravagance piece.


Pier one room spray

Price: $7.95

Even though Pier one is a furniture house, in our Pier 1 home fragrance reviews, we found that they offer the timeless clean scent of heirloom linens, such as the blend of orange blossom or sweet mimosa that lasts long.


Pier one marble square pillow

Price: $34.95

We came to know that as soon as their new collection arrives in the market, Pier 1 Imports furniture review on many sites floods with endless praises. This quite excites us. So we landed in its furniture section. Out of its collection, this square pillow captured our attention.

Besides we also found other best products from our reviews of Pier 1 Imports that include storage shelves, vanity mirrors, woven pouf, cube waves, and many more. You can also find all the branded products with personalized house warming and the best gifting ideas among extensive colour varieties at Pier one imports.

Strengths and weaknesses of Pier1

No particular brand is perfect for our all needs. Some brands fulfill our significant needs while other minors. In our reviews of Pier 1, whatever you have read may have projected a positive image in your eyes or maybe not. However, below we will discuss all the strengths or weaknesses that we experienced. It will let you create a better perspective regarding the purchase of your next home improvement project, indeed.

Pier1`s strengths are;

good-quality-icon      A good product quality

Many people still don`t trust online stores for their shopping, especially for home improvement and renovation. As per our Pier 1 quality reviews, we figured out it gives a good product guarantee. What else we need? It means they do not compromise on the product`s quality.

good-customer-support-icon      A good customer support

While examining the Pier 1 customer service reviews, we found no significant complaints regarding them by customers. So we concluded, their customer support game is really good. They provide efficient customer care services as per home improvement needs, we must say.

return-policy-icon      A free return policy

The best thing about our Pier 1 reviews was that they are so generous when providing customers with a financial benefits. Although there are many impacts covid-19 on shopping, still if you have some item to return them, they do not charge for return costs. They accept it.

price-adjustment-icon       Price adjustment

We admit that we like bargaining. Everyone does! And fortunately, after our Pier 1 reviews, we found that you can disengage with Pier 1 Imports price adjustment. If an item goes down in price after you`ve bought it, you can request the price correction within 14 days after the original purchase.

pier-one-coupons-icon      Pier 1 Imports coupons

With their Pier one coupons another online discount code, we found many variations in their offers store-wide (such as Pier one reward credit card) to particular home decor categories.

As we said, not everyone is perfect. The store even has some pitfalls drawbacks. Share below are some that you can check out. Pier1`s weaknesses are;

categories-icon      Lacks in some categories

We really felt that Pier1`s focus on some categories too much that it lacks the variety in some of its product range. Maybe the brand provides a range of home decoration ideas, but they don`t have variety in bedding or bathing.

shipping-icon       Offers no free shipping

We must admit that we hate those pesky shipping charges in any form. Many brands offer free shipping. Unluckily, Pier 1 doesn`t provide you free shipping; their costs vary according to the total of your purchase. Indeed, they offer Pier 1 Imports a free shipping code for your ease, but not all the time!

Why do customers love Pier1? Have a gaze!

Many Pier1 reviews are available on multiple sites. We are impressed by their customer services when we contacted them for our furniture and guidance they provide us with the complete guide. Pier one has gained customers` trust, including us, by providing a high quality of reliable products. Hence, we have full faith and trust in them. We must say they are a valuable partner for our furniture needs!

Pier 1 reviews from customers,


Our suggestion to someone considering Pier one as their shopping platform is if you don`t know how to save? First of all understand what a budget is? Why is it important? Then go with the money-saving ways at Pier1

Secondly, there`s no conflict about Pier1`s competency and experience. For our furniture, we did the math. Its products` cost wasn`t much more than the average budget because we followed our money saving guides. And that was prolific! 

Our findings

Even Pier 1 is not yet accredited. However, the business is legit and well-known, including more than 1,000 offline stores across the state. You can find thousands of Pier 1 reviews and feedback online, like us. We finished with the saying, the store is safe to shop.

We have summed up our Pier 1 reviews as a recommendation for you here!

Why do we recommend it?

  •   You`re looking for fair pricing and good quality, then go for it 
  •   You can even pick up order in the offline store 
  •   They offer good customer support 
  •   You need a loyal price adjustment and return policy 
  •   They offer discounts and special offers 

Why we don`t recommend it?

  •   The store has warranty issues  
  •   You can only prefer furniture manufactured in the US 
  •   If you don`t want to pay for shipping, then avoid shopping. Otherwise avail coupon for discounts.
  •   If you are looking to upgrade your home this valentine, here is our valentine`s day freebies guide for you!

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